Vibration measurements identify individual machine’s faults and the root cause, determining the correct course of action to rectify the problem.

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Detection of cavitation in all types of fluid pumping systems, Valves and condensers. Green Sails offer a detailed report following any air borne ultrasound inspection/survey

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Green Sails Marine Engineers can perform Infra-Red checks on board vessels using our FLIR E 60Thermographic cameras. Assessing a wide range of electrical, mechanical systems, HVAC, and Hydraulic inspections.

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The Values of Our Work

"Care is Absolute, Prevention is Ideal"

Our experience explored that many ship’s machinery problems and catastrophic failures concerned to above listed marine machinery can be prevented with condition based maintenance or condition monitoring technologies.

Green Sails Singapore adopted that CBM (Condition based maintenance) or CM condition monitoring with integrated technologies like

• Vibration measurement and vibration analysis (VA&VM) • Air borne & contact borne ultra sound applications
• Infrared thermographic vision cameras
• Acoustic emissions and noise monitoring instruments

To identify the machinery condition and advice the necessary corrective actions by Adopting ‘Proactive Maintenance’ through Predictive Maintenance.

Our customers were benefitted with these applications and avoided untimely breakdowns & accidents.

In marine industry, the awareness among our customers increased in maintenance activities and trouble shooting, analysing and planning the repairs prior to an accident in many cases.

These are the NDE (Non Destructive Examination) services and major tools for proactive maintenance.

Our experts and trained certified personel analyse the reports of these tests.

An untrained, un-certified person may wrongly conclude or may not reach to the root cause. Our team of certified engineers, done level I certification in these methods.

The CBM applications provide training on different maintenance philosophies. Breakdown, Preventive, Predictive and Proactive. Also, to spread awareness of best maintenance applications for marine industry.

Next Steps...

Green Sails focuses on predictive maintenance technology to increase the machinery reliability.
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