Vibration Monitoring


Marine Diesel Engine Performance with WINDROCK IM Technologies


Air & Contact Borne Ultrasound Acoustic Emission


Marine Diesel Engine Torsional Vibration


Infrared Thermography

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On line Vibration Monitoring



Vibration analysis, Air and contact borne ultra sound applications with Acoustic emissions, Infrared thermography for surface temperature analysis, Windrock Integrated Monitoring applications for Marine Diesel engines performance and troubles assessment, Torsional vibration from Aplha Diagnostics Switzerland for Reciprocating machinery diagnostics with AI+IOT applications, Nano Precise Machine doctor on line Vibration monitoring with AI+IOT applications provide multiple solutions to achieve energy saving, accident prevention technologies.

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Green Sails Offers for Maritime Industry LPG & LNG Tankers to identify the compressors/ Motors vibration, gas leaks, penetration gland conditions, Electric panels, Line valve pass leaks, Pumps vibration, Engine room machinery operating conditions, pre docking machinery assessment for overhaul decisions, Post docking repair success determination, various machinery trouble shooting with integrated technologies.

Marine diesel engines performance and trouble shooting for improving the efficiency and accident prevention.

Green Sails Marine Engineers with hands on machinery maintenance experience and condition monitoring technologies for the clients to give best value for money solutions.

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